Percussion legends in full score but not in the parts?

So, I’ve been diligently adding the perc instrument names in my full score using “legend for sounding instruments”. This all looks good in the full score but in the perc parts the percussion legends disappear.

Is there a way of automatically copying this over from the full score into the perc part layouts? Or do I have to redo it all by hand?

Percussion legends only appear when using the 5-line staff presentation type. If your part uses the single-line kit presentation type, perhaps instrument change labels/staff labels will be sufficient to indicate the instruments?

Hmm nope it’s five line stave parts in both the full score and the percussion parts.

I believe percussion legends are similar to system and frame breaks etc. in that they apply only in tthe layout in which they were created. I’ve not tried this, but you could try filtering for them in the full score, then copy them to the clipboard, switch to the part layout, and paste them there.

Thanks. I’ll give that a go. Would be great to be able to check a box and have them appear in both full score and parts in a future update.