Percussion Line Breaks

I am recreating Raiders March by John Williams using Hal Leonards Signature Edition. The Percussion 1 part starts as a single 5-line percussion staff. Then, about 40 measures into the piece, it breaks into two lines, one for crash cymbals (piatti) and one for your snare drum/bass drum. How do I split it so that does it shows two full staves above/below each other, but they both say percussion 1?

Add these instruments either as a kit each or as single line instrument to the player.

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You can then use the Percussion 1 player name for staff labels, rather than the individual instruments held by that player.

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So, how will I tell Dorico to suddenly show one line of Percussion I to two lines of Percussion I in the middle of the music?

You can’t easily add an extra five-line staff for a percussion player holding a single kit.

It will be de facto instrument changes, which Dorico handles automatically. I cannot think about another way to achieve it right now.