Percussion Love! (OT)

This weekend the Academy of Scoring Arts hosted a delightful session about “unlocking unique percussion textures in film scoring” with percussion guru Abby Savell, at Vitello’s restaurant in LA. Abby and her husband Dan have an LA based business called “LA Percussion Rentals” which is an eclectic collection of thousands of percussion instrument, from common to not so common, stored in two giant warehouses. Many of them are from the late percussion legend Emil Richard. They rent out instruments, but more importantly, they play them, and if you are looking for expertise on exactly to get what sounds from each instruments, the recommendation is to talk to them and visit them personally. Abby is a guru on all things percussion and gave a slight taste of all the more unusual sounds you can get from percussion. The video will be uploaded later to the Academy of Scoring website, it’s really best to see and hear this. If you are in LA and you are looking for some unusual sounds on your next soundtrack look no further than Abby.

There’s so much more than indicating hard or soft mallets in your charts.


And here is a youtube video that Abby and Dan put together a year ago during Covid.

Excellent demos and fascinating instruments! Thank you!

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