Percussion Map Confusion

I have been trying to set up a percussion map for a kit of 5 VSL Tom-toms. I think I read the documentation pretty carefully, but I’m having difficulty. Here’s the percussion map:

The basic stuff seems to work: the right keys get sent by notes on different lines of the staff. This is very cool!

However, articulations seem to be ignored. E.g., in

the rimshots play back as Natural, not rimshots. I can see that key 36 is being sent instead of 37. The '+'s seem to be ignored. Also, in the play tab the drum hits are all marked Natural:

Am I doing something wrong?

Try deleting the note that coincides with the + playing technique, then immediately undo.

That doesn’t work for me, even after several attempts. Another slight oddity is that deleting the note doesn’t delete the articulation. But even deleting the entire measure and undoing doesn’t help.

The + is not an articulation, it’s a playing technique, and it’s correct that deleting the note doesn’t delete a playing technique, because they’re separate items: if you want to delete a playing technique, you should select it and delete it directly.

Can you attach a minimal project that reproduces the problem so I can take a closer look?