Percussion Map Creation Crash


Been tooling around a lot this weekend with the new playback features in 3.5. I’ve started building Expression Maps for an orchestral template and then tonight began playing with Percussion Mapping, only to lead to a couple crashes.

In essence, I create a new Percussion Map and start loading an Instrument Name into it and Dorico crashes. I came back later tonight and it was working alright for a bit, then I tried to load another Instrument Name and another crash.

Any ideas? I can send a crash report if you remind me how to do that!


Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and then attach the resulting zip file to a reply here.

Thanks, Daniel. See the attached. It is also similarly happening when I open a brand new project, so it appears more fundamental than just a specific project.
Dorico (1.67 MB)

Unfortunately there are no crash reports in there. Please go to the sticky FAQ thread and look for the procedure under “Dorico is crashing. What do I do?” to find out how to make sure Dorico creates crash dumps when it crashes. In the meantime, if you can provide a project that reliably crashes for you together with the steps required to make the program crash, that would be helpful.

Just to close this out: after a resave and reboot, no more crashing. Thanks!