Percussion Map MIDI Bug for Certain Instruments

I am wondering what I describe below is a known issue. If not, I can provide further details / uploads of all relevant files.

There seems to be a bug such that creating a percussion map for a drum kit that has already been imported won’t send the correct MIDI values for certain elements (Toms; low,mid,high in my case), and the solution seems to be exporting the original kit, then deleting it and re-importing. The percussion map then seems to send the correct values. Closing and reopening the project on its own did not seem to fix the problem.

[Edit] The problem grew more complicated as I continued working on the map, so I have added more picture below. The issues are:

  1. Corrupted percussion maps that “have” entries that can’t be cleared or modified. Can’t be fixed (so far as I can tell) without going into the perc map file directly.

  2. Percussion kits won’t use the map properly until the kit is reloaded. This might be hard to test, because importing the kit fresh into a test project is the fix that I used to resolve the problem – I am certain that I struggled for some time while editing the perc map with an existing kit: the toms would not send the correct MIIDI data, they were always being overridden by the first in the list assigned to their instrument. I tried everything I could think of, and eventually deleting the kit and re-importing it made the instruments adhere correctly to the perc map.

  3. Duplicates of all instruments in the drum kit. Each time I re-imported the kit, it created a new instrument in the list. How can these be reset?

The percussion maps are still becoming easily corrupted. In this map, I cannot clear these entries, and there is no content for them.

Instruments all duplicated in Perc Map menu.

It seems that every time I import the kit, I get a new copy of instruments…

When you export a custom percussion kit, Dorico changes the unique identifiers for each instrument in the kit, so that when you import the kit into another project later on, the incoming instruments won’t overwrite any similar instruments in the destination project. This isn’t always helpful, though, and certainly repeatedly importing the same kit into the same project isn’t something we had anticipated as a common use case.

This is also the root cause behind the non-deletable rows in your percussion map. We’ve been working on this recently, and things will be improved in the next update when it comes. Basically, the issue is that Dorico is failing to find the combination of instrument and playing technique defined for that row in the map, and it’s therefore not able to delete it.

The percussion maps editor should at least work more reliably in the next update, but I would still recommend avoiding repeatedly importing the same kit into the project multiple times, as you will create essentially identical duplicate instruments with different internal IDs each time.


OK, glad to hear it!

Will the update set me straight completely, or will I need to go and manually delete these duplications in a file somewhere? Do the original stock instruments always get the same initial hash, or is it dynamic from installation (easy way to tell which ones are original?) Or is there a way to check an instruments ID?

If Dorico allows multiplicity in the namespace of instruments, also showing the instruments ID in kit / percussion map would be helpful.

The update won’t be able to take care of duplicate instruments in your project created by importing the same kit repeatedly, I’m afraid.