Percussion Map/Playing Technique issue/incorrect playback

I am creating a bongo percussion map based off of VDL (with the hopes of one day sending these to the team to distribute amongst those that might need all of the VDL maps).

I am running into 2 issues:

1.) Following the steps that Rob Tuley gave me on the other thread, I have created several “user defined” playing techniques.

  • Create a new playing technique (such as ‘w/ sticks’)
  • to the right of the playing technique, hit edit
  • from here, I create my own technique w/ sticks
  • make sure it is selected as the technique to use, press ok

No issue here other than Dorico seems inconsistent and sometimes places the new techniques in alphabetical order, sometimes not. The exact problem I had was I created a technique ‘finger’. I could not find this in the list (wasn’t near the Fs), therefore I thought I made an error, repeated the process 2 more times. To find out later that I had created 3 ‘finger’ techniques. Dorico placed them at the bottom near the f, ff, mp, etc. I had used one of the finger techniques in the mapping. I decided I would “clean up” the techniques, and I deleted 2 of the 3 finger techniques. Very brilliantly, Dorico prevented me from deleting one of the fingers (I assume because the technique was in use in the project). However, now I have a line on the percussion mapping that will not delete (see graphic below). To my knowledge, I cannot find if or where this technique is utilized. But I cannot clear it out, which I believe is causing issue #2.

2.) Looking at the mapping in the graphic above, I am trying to place a basic LH with sticks. For some reason, when I add the note and during playback, Dorico is playing the “Low Bongo Roll” sound (not sure if it is with sticks or without). It doesn’t matter what I do, I cannot get the basic low bongo with sticks sound to play correctly, it is always the roll (thinking this comes from issue #1 perhaps).
Screen Shot 2020-07-05 at 10.05.20 AM.png
Can anyone see an issue? Or have any ideas how to fix this problem?


Here are some other graphics in case they are needed:

Bongo High:

Bongo Low:

Setup where I show Dorico to use this mapping (Endpoint configuration? ):


Another graphic to help.

Play Menu Setup:


Here are some other graphics to show how I set everything up:

Create Playing Technique ‘Test’:

Edit the Playback Technique to create 'Test":

Dorico places this in alphabetical order:

to be continued…


Playback playing technique set correctly:

Find playback playing technique is in alphabetical order:

Add to percussion mapping:


Sorry for the many posts on 1 topic… the 3 graphic limitation is why I did it.

In doing some thinking about the playback playing techniques… perhaps case sensitive in the alphabetical ordering? Lowercase letters, at the bottom in their own alphabetical order?


Hi, I found this post looking to understand why there’s a Bongo (High) and a Bongo (Low) when looking to add parts for a bongocero (why not just “Bongo”?), but dang, I didn’t realize you could do this! I don’t actually own VDL, but I do have a few other Latin Kontakt instruments, including the Cuba Discovery expansion. It would be really great to create a mapping so I could write songs directly in Dorico.

Sorry to not add to your discussion topic, other than to say, way cool, thanks for exposing me to the possibilities here!