Percussion Map Problem-drum note won't erase

@CaptainMojoRider, could you please attach the project that contains the percussion map you’re editing? In general I find that the Clear button works as expected, so there must be some specific condition in your percussion map that’s tripping up the logic.

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Unfortunately Clear does not work correctly. I am stuck since ages with double entries in many percussion maps in general as I had put the note on the wrong octave due to the middle C mess between DAWs, plugins and Dorico…

Clear does not work about 1 in 3 cases but I have not found out why… After pressing clear the entry in the midi note list and the text remains but all the content for the entry below is erased. You can then also add another entry for the same note.

Attached a screenshot the Tom 4 entries for F3 and F#3 should both be cleared (as they are F4 and F#4…) but clearing does not work and you see that the content below is empty for Tom 4 Open. Overwriting F3 by going on the Tom 4 entry creates the second correct entry for the Hi Hat Closed Bell.

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Further to this post. The only way I found to delete “un-clearable” entries is to save the percussion map by exporting it and then edit the doricolib fiel in a text editor.

I closed Dorico although that might not be required. Next open the doricolib file you exported with the text editor and search (with Find in general under the Edit tab) for the note number (in my case 53 ). In the doricolib file you will see two entries below each other in my case for 53. You should delete the second block with this pitch number between the text and and save the file.

Next open Dorico and your project. Go to the percussion map you want to correct and import the doricolib file you just corrected. The double entry should be gone.

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Could you please attach the project with the “unclearable” entries in the percussion map? You can delete all the music, if you’re worried about sharing that publicly. Just make a copy of the project, delete all the flows, save it, and attach it here. Then tell us which percussion map(s) to try and edit, and which mappings to try to remove. Thanks!

I have send you a project and percussion map example of this issue in my other post on the Tom not playing the correct midi note

I downloaded the zip file uploaded here:

And here the files
Add2 (823.0 KB)

to try to replicate this problem. I opened the project in the zip file called Tom Add2 test.dorico, and then:

  1. Choose Library > Percussion Map.
  2. From the list of percussion maps in the dialog, choose ADD2 Tom. This shows three notes mapped in the table in the main part of the dialog, on MIDI notes 65, 66, and 107.
  3. Select the row corresponding to MIDI note 107.
  4. Click the Clear button in the action bar.

EXPECTED: The row is removed from the table, and the values in the Edit Drum Kit Note section at the bottom of the dialog are likewise cleared.
ACTUAL: For me, at any rate, that’s what happens.

I can repeat the above steps for both MIDI notes 65 and 66, and everything works as I would expect.

Can you tell me (in similarly explicit terms as my numbered list above) how to reproduce the problem of the entries failing to be cleared from the percussion map?

Unfortunately when I do exactly the same as you described I am left with 3 line entries in the percussion map all with empty fields in the edit window below.
I can only clear the line fully by editing the doridolib file with a text editor. See the attached screenshot where I deleted the entry for note 107 but kept the other two…

I can fill out the empty fields in the the lines but it will create a second entry for the same note. This is also visible in the screenshot. In this case I re-entered the data for note 65


An M1 Max problem?

Any explanation for the other issue of the rim shot correctly sounding when I play the score but wrong when I press it with the pointer?

I simply can’t reproduce this, I’m afraid. I’m also running on macOS, and in any case the chance of there being a platform difference here is almost non-existent.

Can you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here?

Hi Daniel, Here the diagnostic report made for the same file I sent in the other post.
At the starting point the percussion map works correctly for the two techniques but the entries for note 65 and 66 in the edit window are empty. I next press clear for note 107, it does not clear but remains in the list. Next I recreated a new entry for note 65. That works but I end up with two entries for note 65.

After these two sets I created the report.

Note that this may not be the actual clear which does not work but more that the link between the list entry and the edit window below in the percussion map editor sometimes does not work correctly on my Mac. I just loaded my complete Addictive Drum 2 Percussion Map with about 70 lines again. All works perfectly but for some mysterious reason the edit window for the two lines natural and rim shot, for the Tom 4, Tom (low), are blank (as in the screenshots I sent) . All other 68 have entries. I never cleared those entries.

Dorico (1.6 MB)

Superior Drummer (3.0 KB)
Hello, I believe I am having the same issue. I was using an old template for Superior Drummer 3 Percussion Map. While editing the map, I found that the Ride and the China instruments both had (corrupted?) midi note slots, for example 29 and 30, and it appears that even creating alternative aliases for those notes won’t send the correct data. The empty slots (#30 ex.) cannot be deleted. When I delete them manually in the .lib file, performance is not as expected (seems to break the whole instrument).

I cannot attach the whole score as it is too large even when compressed, but if that would be more helpful please let me know and I will cut it down until it fits and upload it.

Here is a picture for more clarity.

And: After further testing, this issue seems to be curiously localized to a project, which is probably why you are having an issue replicating it, dspreadbury. When I import and edit the map in a different project, the values are displayed and editable, but even if I then edit, export the map, and re-import it into the original project with new values, it remains empty and un-clearable–HOWEVER the correct mapping is now present and the sounds work as intended(?!)

From Daniel: Oct 18th 2023
I’ve spent most of the day today working on the problem of non-deletable entries in the percussion map editor. It’s a bit of a subtle problem, and won’t be easily possible for you to work around for the time being. Basically what it amounts to is that if you have user-edited instruments referenced in the percussion map, and they have the same name as factory-supplied instruments (which they often will), Dorico gets confused when it tries to look up the entry in the percussion map that corresponds to the selected row in the table. This is why the edit controls below the table are empty, too.

I’ve fixed this, but the fix won’t make its way into your hands until the next update is ready, which is a little way off. Sorry in the meantime for the inconvenience.



ps. you can edit the xml in an editor to make them go away.

Apart from the workaround I mentioned higher up in this thread. I found another way which in many cases work I was preparing a VSL Percussion I-III template and my Tom (low) was acting up again (empty details block below). What worked was to copy a correct working entry (right click copy) and paste (right click paste) it onto the line which you want to clear. This did not create a second entry for the same note but overwrote the faulty line making it work again including possibility to edit and clear it.

Speaking of user added instruments. These also sometimes have “un-delete/clear” issues. Example I have for some reason three Tom (Low) in my instrument list in the setup menu. I am not sure where these came from. They are called default, 1 and 2. In the Percussion Map instrument list all show up as Tom (Low) without designation. Fortunately in the same order default, 1 and 2. So you can use them if you have more than 5 toms. More than 5 Toms would be nice as VSL Perc has 8, but I would rather have 1 Tom (Low) and 3 with other names. I tried to rename and also delete the 1 and 2 but it does not work. The waste basket is greyed out and “edit instrument names” does not change the entry just the way it is shown in the score. I tried to create a new Tom (very low) from Tom (Low) but that also did not work. You see it in Instruments or when you “Edit instrument definitions” in the instrument setup but it does not appear in the pull down list for unpitched percussion.

Indeed, the problems with being unable to clear rows in the percussion map editor are (so far as I can tell) entirely to do with user-defined instruments and/or playback techniques.

Hi Daniel If this cannot be fixed fast, how can I get a clean instruments list without any user added ones. I already reinstalled Dorico 5 but the weird entries for the Toms like default, 1 and 2 remained.

The bug is driving me crazy. Percussion map entries in the bottom entry block for Tom (Low), Tom (High) and Tom (Medium) who apparently have these user added versions keep disappearing and the lines in the notes list become unclearable . On top of that the lines with these empty entries do not work anymore for the linked instrument.

I now changed these three to the equivalent Tom Toms but each time I change I have to enter the 8 or so playing techniques again.

Is there no way to save the percussion playing techniques which are nearly always the same as a default which is automatically entered when you add or change an instrument?

I’m not sure I understand the question. You can define precision instruments and their playing techniques in Library > Instruments and save them as defaults for future projects.

Hi Daniel, somehow I am missing something. I have visited library > instruments 100s of times but I cannot find a tab or button which goes to the playing techniques nor a save as default. It is indeed in that menu where it should be,

Attached what I see in library > instruments. On the left you also see the problematic tom versions which are impossible to delete and create problems in the percussion maps. I am fairly sure that I did not create them as user added instruments if not used in the score can usually be deleted.

You’re right that in Dorico 5.0.20 you cannot currently edit the percussion playing techniques for an individual percussion instrument via Library > Instruments. You can do it for instruments in kits, but not individual instruments; this is something we will address in the next update, when it arrives.

You’re also right that it should be possible to delete an instrument provided it’s not in use in the project. Do you want to share the actual project file with me so I can take a look?

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That is regretful as it costs me a lot of time to recreate all techniques (sometimes 10) for each instrument. Can I at least create a default set of techniques for all new instruments I open somewhere? By the way I see that some percussion kits in library > instruments are editable but others not???

The project is a template for the VSL Perc I-III and I now replaced all problematic toms with the equivalent tom toms. All works perfectly now. If I look in the instruments.xml file toms are are in any case the same as tom toms e.g. Tom -Low is specified as an alias of TomTom.Low.