Percussion Map problems

I’m writing a set of Percussion Maps for Good Old GPO5. (I haven’t seen any existing ones…?)

Here’s one problem:

I’ve added the Triangle to the Percussion Map.


But I can’t get the Stopped sound in Playback. I’ve added the Stopped PT that looks like a Plus sign; and Play mode says “Stopped” in the Key Editor.

Then there’s the Percussion Playing Techniques Editor. I’ve done this:

to try to trigger the Stopped sound with a Staccato articulation. But that doesn’t work either.

What else?

Hope you will share these when finished. GPO5 percussion is even a mishmash in Finale.

Yes, will do.

I think I’ve got it now: I was mixing up Stopped and Muted techniques.

However: noteheads should be displayed thus, apparently:


So how do I get Dorico to change the notehead, based on the applied technique?

Ah: the old rule: you work out how to do it 10 mins after posting on the forum.

Shift Alt Up/Down, (not just Shift Up/Down).