Percussion Mapping/playback for beginners in Dorico 5?

I (semi) moved over to Dorico from Finale. I currently bounce between them because I just can’t figure out how to make any of the percussion playback correctly. For instance, if I choose “Tenors with one spock drum,” I get the sound equivalent of a clave, no matter on what pitch I place the note.
If I add a “cymbal” player, I get what sounds like a tom-tom hit – and even though I have the choke option set for below the line, I can’t seem to move a note to it. I’ve now spent 5 or 6 hours looking at tutorials on this and nothing seems to explain why these basic instruments don’t play correctly right out of the box.
Just bought Dorico 5 update, so none of the tutorial vids look like my screen in “Play” mode.

It’s so unbelievably easy to manipulate these things in Finale, that I keep defaulting to it for the percussion parts.

Any ideas why it doesn’t work out of the box in Dorico?

Depends entirely on your plugins, what are you using, the built in Halion or something else? Basically, just make sure that you have a percussion map for your plugin, example I have sitting around

And then in the plugin you may need to have something done, like in this case it’s a generic GA plugin, but I have loaded the Simon Philips expansion.

Unless I am just adding one or two instruments, I generally start with one of the included Kits.

It says an “error” occurred every time I try to add a screen capture. But near as I can tell, I’ve done that match up. Naturally, my setup looks a lot different because I upgraded, hoping this would be fixed.

Trying that now, for the Tenors.
However, seems like since it lists tenors as an available instrument, that the software would self configure to play some form of that instrument, instead of the instrument just being a place holder.
Same goes for Marching Cymbals – its default is some kind of tom-tom sound.

Unfortunately Dorico doesn’t include any marching percussion sounds in its default library. If you have some marching percussion sounds you’re able to use in Finale (perhaps part of the Garritan Instruments for Finale set), you can use them in Dorico with a bit of configuration. Alternatively, if you use something like Tapspace Virtual Drumline, then Dorico templates are available that provide access to all the common sounds and techniques.

Since those sounds don’t exist in Dorico, but there ARE cymbal sounds — it seems to me like it would make sense to align one of the sounds with the instruments in the instrument set up list. Or at least have a SUPER basic demo of how to do it ( assuming not all of os jumped over from a cubase background).

Is there a tutorial vid for Dorico to take something simple — like isolating 1 cymbal from some existing instrument and aligning it, and all of it’s playing techniques, with a listed marching cymbal?

I’m using the cymbal here as an example, because it is a single, easy instrument — so whoever did the tutorial wouldn’t be jumping around to more complicated things before helping explain the very basic concept configurations necessary.

I am MOSTLY pretty happy with Dorico, except for this percussion stuff, which has sucked up a ton of my time.

Drew Stauss

Here’s an explanation of how percussion mapping works in Dorico – perhaps you might find it a useful starting point?

Dorico’s percussion handling is awesome, you just have to do a little homework and understand it.

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Yep – this is the part that I’m having problems with in the documentation: “If you are using the default HALion Sonic SE and HALion Symphonic Orchestra sounds that are supplied with Dorico, or you are using NotePerformer, then there is nothing to do here: all of the available unpitched percussion sounds are already mapped for you, and once you create an unpitched percussion instrument in your project, Dorico will choose the best available sound automatically.”

Obviously, that’s not the case.

Yes, it’s true that the marching cymbals/snares/toms are not sensibly mapped with the HSSE/HSO sounds.