Percussion Maps and Keyswitching


Just a query about creating percussion maps for 3rd party sample libraries. I am working with a Spitfire Percussion Library (Joby Burgess) which uses Kontakt. At the moment I’m working with the Bass Drum. The patch has keyswitches for Hits C0, Muted Hits, C#0, Roll D2, etc. If I use an Expression Map i can assign these keyswitches no problem but there is no option in the Expression Map Dialog to specify the note numbers for each respective keyswitch.If i use a Percussion Map, the note numbers are not a problem but i don’t know how to do the keyswitching for each articulation in the to get to the note numbers in the Percussion Map Dialog. if you cannot assign single note percussion mapping in Expression Maps and cannot assign keyswitches together with note mapping in Percussion maps i’m not too sure where to go from there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. All the Best


Welcome to the forum, Simon. You can define keyswitch alternatives in the Percussion Maps dialog, so if e.g. note G4 is the normal hit for the bass drum but you need to additionally press C#0 for a muted hit, etc., then you can do this directly in the Percussion Maps dialog: that’s what ‘Add Key Switch Alternative’ is for. There is some documentation for this dialog here.

Thanks for your response Daniel. I’m still struggling with this. My Drum Map is as follows.

I setup Note 36 as a standard hit (Hard Hit) this was keyswitch 24 but i didnt put that in.
The muted hits are at C#0 so i added the keyswitch for Note 25 and placed entries in for duplicate hits for the muted/damp hits in the next set of keyswitched articulations.

My result in the Play mode was quite strange.

You can see below my endpoint setup dialog there is the playing techniques lane with a whole bunch of left techniques one after the other.I also couldn’t tell whether the playing techniques were trying to play back an expression map or a percussion map. Here is my Endpoint Setup Dialog

Between trying to setup noteheads as well in Edit Percussion Playing Techniques and the various Playing Techniques in engrave mode I’m a bit lost on how to get all of these keyswitching articulations to work.

Just another one off the top of my head. The transposition for most of my timpani libraries is an octave too low and not playing pback there any way to do a quick fix in Dorico or am i better off attempting the transposition in Kontakt. Slowly getting to grips with all of this. Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this matter. All the best,


There are timpani patches that use MIDI pitches at different octaves for left and right hand strokes on the same drum. Maybe that is causing your “wrong octave” issue.

You can easily set the expression map in Dorico to transpose globally by an octave, but trying to transpose individual notes if you wanted to make use of the RH/LH samples would be more difficult.