Percussion maps and playing techniques suggestions

Sorry for posting alot but i remembered a request for percussion maps for future update:
Most perc. Libraries come with 2 notes that trigger the same sample (for easy live recording), some call it left and right hands but its basically what dorico calls “natural” in percussion map… I was wondering if you’ll consider adding a feature to assign 2 different notes to the same technique and have dorico alternate between them… Of course i can assign each one to L.H/R.H Playing technique but when composing i really don’t want to have to add it… it’s time consuming for one, and knowing a few drummers… They really don’t like being told what hand to use unless it’s a contemporary/ Avant-garde piece… And hiding them is just one more step …
Basically if i could write 4 8th notes and after mapping in the instrument both C and D as natural dorico would play C,D,C,D (and not just C as of now)
Please please please :pray::pray::pray::pray:

Can you say a bit more about why this would be helpful to you? You want Dorico to automatically alternate between two notes with the same playback technique but where one is nominally the left hand/stick and the other is the right hand/stick? Really it seems to me that you would at the very least need to specify “right” and “left” playback techniques, otherwise Dorico really can’t tell them apart, but I agree it would be useful if Dorico could automatically alternate between “right” and “left” playback techniques if both are defined and no other markings are present.