Percussion Maps and Repeated Notes

Just getting started in percussion maps here, but have not figured out how to do repeated notes.

Since we do not have “Direction” available in Percussion Maps all Instruments Playback Techniques must be “Attributes” and seems a big limitation. Given a percussion map with more than one playback technique and more than one Keyswitch, it seems that each and every note must have the playback technique specified in the score. This gets laborious on a busy snare drum part. One way to solve this is to use a 5 line staff and Expression Maps instead of Percussion Maps, but this is weird for a snare drum part. The way I’m handling this is now is customizing my instruments so that each playback technique has it’s own Instrument and it’s own single staff line.with no Percussion Maps needed At least this looks more like a percussion part. But I’m thinking there must be a better way to get repeated notes on a single line percussion staff. I’m sure I’ve missed something here…

The other way to handle this is to define different noteheads (and, optionally, combinations of articulations/tremolos) in the Edit Percussion Playing Techniques dialog; you can have multiple noteheads that appear the same but which trigger different sounds, if you need to.

Thanks Daniel. I’ve not tried anything with different noteheads, but will give this a shot. I’ve much to learn about Percussion Mapping. (At least I’ve now got a good handle on Expression Maps!)