Percussion Maps and Sounds

Hello Again -

Sorry if this has been answered - I did do a search and didn’t find anything. I read through Daniels comments on another thread and thought I understood Percussion maps I also watched the Jazz drum video and percussion map video. still stumped a bit.

Trying to get Swing! from Project Sam to be used as my drum sounds. I load that into Kontakt and assign it to the drum part. No problems. I then go into the percussion maps window and create a new map to use. When I play Swing! drums in Logic, C3 triggers the Kick, so that is Midi note 43, which I assign in the Percussion Map as the kick, using Natural as the playing technique. Now when I play in Dorico, it still plays b3 (59) in Kontakt. I have tried to assign the snare to a different midi number, but once again, it only plays B3. Seems no matter what I am doing in the Percussion Map and assigning notes, it only plays B3 in Kontakt.

There must be a step I am missing?


I think the step you’re missing is that you haven’t assigned your new percussion map to the appropriate endpoint in the Endpoint Setup dialog.

Thanks Daniel.

Edit: this is what I was looking at and fixed the issue.

Now to finish setting up I the percussion map for Swing! And putting it in place.

Do I then have to export that percussion map and import it into each new project? Or will it be there among the others? Seems like it doesn’t show up for new projects.

If you set up a playback template for Swing, your percussion map and any expression maps that you need will be carried with the playback template, so applying that playback template to a new project will automatically make it available.