Percussion maps & concatenated techniques

I was looking at my cymbal map just now, realizing that there are several entries for cresc and dim of various length. And so I thought to add the logical operations that Expression Maps can use for note length.

They aren’t there at the moment, unless I’m mistaken. Might they be in future?

I’ve never tried it, but it looks like you can assign both an expression map as well as a percussion map to an instrument

With percussion, there’s a limited amount that you can do with an expression map–and Dorico doesn’t expect you to use them at all, as I understand it. I use xp maps for things like switching on velocity crossfade, and changes of stick. The rest is the province of the percussion map.

My experience is that Xmaps and perc maps work fine together with the very important limitation that you cannot use multiple playing techniques in the perc map. This limitation only applies when using both maps together.