Percussion maps : No middle C definition as with xmaps?

Is there a reason why percussion maps don’t allow middle C definition as it is the case with expression maps (i.e. Choosing middle C as either C3, C4 or C5) ?

Dear Tarknin,
There’s no “reason” to find a middle C definition : the 128 keys are explicitly numbered. key 0 is C-2 (for a C3 middle C I think). 60 is always the middle C, no matter what definition is used.

Thanks for your reply Marc.

I agree with you. However, this middle C is referred as C4 in note names, this is Dorico’s convention. On Spitfire libraries, for example, middle C is C3. So, if you refer to note names in percussion maps, it may lead to confusion : everything has to be translated one octave up (e.g. : A C1 key switch in Spitfire has to be defined as a C2 key switch in percussion map).

This “gymnastic” is really trivial once you’ve noticed, but could become a slight inconvenience when using lots of different libraries. This was elegantly solved by expression maps and their middle C definition, hence this proposition to implement too in percussion maps. Also for more consistency.

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