Percussion maps -- single vs multiple instruments

Just wondering what’s at stake with this choice? The manual just says choose one or the other.

If a percussion map is for a single instrument, then technically this means that the percussion map doesn’t need to define the instrument for each entry in the map, because it’s assumed that each entry in the map is for the same instrument. However, I’m not sure whether you can actually properly define an entry in the dialog without defining an instrument, so that distinction may be moot in practice.

Okay, so in one scenario, I have two bass drums on two separate staffs. As they use different patches, those would be singles, I assume.

A second is something like a set of tom-toms, which are on one patch, That would be one sort of multiple. Another would be a patch that contains multiple instruments, some of which I might not need.

But it is beginning to dawn on me: in the case of the bass drum example, I don’t need to complete the Instrument field for each variant of rim, edge, centre, roll etc. But I need to complete it once, so that the instrument is identified. Is that right?

I think the theory is that you don’t need to specify the instrument at all: Dorico will simply assume the playback techniques you define in the percussion map apply to whichever instrument you assign the percussion map to in Endpoint Setup.

Thanks Daniel, I think I’ve got it now.