percussion maps & staff names

I am trying to set up a drum map for Battery 3/ full jazz kit.

I want three hi-hat modes: open (midi note 46), closed (52) and pedal (48).

To get this, I have placed three staffs on the score. From the defined list I chose hi-hat twice, and hi-hat (pedal). The score labels the first two I & II; I renamed them to ‘open’ & ‘closed’ (in that order).

In the percussion map, I set up the three instruments, but the Instrument field picks up the original staff name (hi-hat) rather than the amended version. As a result, on playback I get sound corresponding to ‘open’ and ‘pedal’, but not for ‘closed’.

How do I fix this?

You shouldn’t use two separate instruments for open and closed hi-hat: use a single hi-hat, and use open/closed playing techniques.

Got it! Thanks. Do you have any suggestions about how to indicate striking on the bell?

I believe some publications write the word “bell” while others use pictograms, like the ones shown here. You could define playing techniques using either approach via Engrave > Playing Techniques.

I’m having problems with the playing technique “open hi-hat” vs. closed hi-hat. The “o” symbol doesn’t trigger an open hi-hat anymore. I think it did at one point, but when I made changes, that mark no longer works on new notes, but the old notes remain open hi-hat, even after deleting and re-engraving them! It’s like the open hi-hat has been burned into that spot on my score. I just bought Dorico 3 last week, so I’ve got the latest and greatest. I saw your post about the work-around, creating a new popover to replace the “open” one of which there are multiples none of which work, but I’m not following how to get to the spot where I can edit popover names. Thank you.

Welcome to the forum, wrldwdarr. See this earlier post.

Thanks, yes, I saw that, Daniel. Unfortunately, I only have Dorico Elements at the moment, so I don’t have the Engraver window.

If you’d like to post a stripped-down project here, a Pro user would be happy to make that change, save it, and upload it for you to use.

Thanks dankreider, but it’s not such a big deal for me right now. I’ve got some other issues that are much bigger.