Percussion nomenclature


I’m rebuilding my expression and percussion maps for the VSL Synchron Percussions. I need some help to choose the correct articulations.

Hit: There are three of them (tight, medium and loose). Which one would you use for the regular hits on a skin? Would you use ‘Hit (medium)’? And what would you use the others for?

Secco: I’ve created my own ‘secco’ technique, to be also used with pitched instruments. But is there something different I can use from the standard library? Could it be Damp?

Coperto: I would think it is ‘Muffled/Damped’, but i’m not sure.

Offcenter: Snare drums are normally player nor at the center, nor at the rim of the skin. Which technique would you use for ‘Offcenter’? Maybe it should just be ‘Natural’?

And an addition question. With Timpani, if you have a preset with alternating hands on different octaves, how would you make it play from a notated roll, or from rhythmic figures with alternating hands? Maybe with an expression map entry with transposing? Or maybe using a percussion map in addition to an expression map could do the trick?


Something I could see: to get the normal hits I have to use ‘Natural’, and not ‘Hit’. Opposed with ‘Damp’, it works fine in selecting the two different techniques.