Percussion not able to edit

I bought Dorico Pro 4 three days ago, and trying to write a score for an orchestra . However, Percussion part cannot change to 5-line staff, even though I follow the instruction on Youtube Dorico channel, but in my Layout options, there is no percussion’s topic. Moreover, the instruction from the website (Dorico Help) said that in “Percussion kit presentation types” topic, still the ‘Edit Percussion Kit’ button is disable; cannot press it.
Can anyone help me, please?

Welcome to the forum.

It sounds as though you’ve added one or more unpitched percussion instruments to a player but you haven’t combined them into a kit. See Combining individual percussion instruments into kits for instructions on how to do so.

Note that until you have a percussion kit in the project, Layout Options won’t give you a Percussion page as it would be redundant.


Oh my god. It works! Thank you so much pianoleo :blush: