Percussion not same layout from score to part

I’m using a 3 line grid in the score but when I go to the perc part it’s on 5 lines. How to fix? thanks


Thanks pianoleo, that fixed it.

Hallo pianoLeo,
I have the same problem. A percussion instrument written in 2 lines on the score shows in the part in a pentagram without formatting of the lines. I clicked on the link above but the page was removed. Do you have a new link or do you know where I can find the problem on the Dorico Pro 3.0 Op. Manual? Many thanks. Captura de Tela 2021-04-05 às 20.12.06 Captura de Tela 2021-04-05 às 20.11.54

Sure. See Changing the percussion kit presentation type (that’s the 3.5 manual)
The v3.1 manual is: Changing the presentation type of percussion kits and is identical.

Thanks! Will try in a minute!

Yes! Thank you so much! (it’s weird that you have to tell Dorico to do the same thing, instead of only telling it when you want a change. anyways…)