Percussion note entry

I had not until now had the chance to try percussion note entry.
I have to say that I am blown away at the ease of doing so!
The only thing is getting used to working in galley view, and I can see the immense advantages of doing so. :heart:

Really glad to hear you’re finding it useful, Michel. The forthcoming Dorico 4 release will provide some additional flexibility in percussion notation, including making it possible to edit the rests in five-line staff and grid presentation types, and some important improvements to the handling of tuplets when inputting and editing music for percussion kits.


one thing I’m going to need to learn how to do - if it can be done in Dorico - is make “bartok-style” percussion parts: that’s one part for each player, with one staff for percussion instruments plus one staff for a continuous orchestral cue. (in other words, each percussion part would be 2 staves, with a shared cue staff for all performers, but unique percussion parts for each.)

I don’t think it’s specifically ‘bartok-style’ (sometimes he did, other times he did not).
However, it’s very easy to do. Create a new instrument, rename it ‘cue’. Add all your cues to it.
Create a new layout for each percussion part containing both the original and the cue part.
(You’d probably also want to remove the cue part from the full score, and play around with staff visibility in the new parts if there are areas you don’t want to show the cue ‘part’)

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I’ll have to try that once I get enough of the score I’m working on right now, done.