Percussion parts

I’m running into a few problems when working with a percussion score. I’ve tried both drum set and percussion part with instruments I’ve added but nether seem to do exactly the job I need.

To keep things simple, say I have a score (one player) with three bongos, each having a line of music.

  1. I need to be able to input music to specific lines, some of which contains tuplets. It seems that tuplets are only supported on the outermost lines;
  2. Music needs to “cross staves” and remain beamed;
  3. When I enter Note input mode and move to a specific line using the up/down arrows and try to paste music on that line it will be added to the upper line.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Hello, do you mean something like this? (ignore the font, I’m doing something and added the bongo player in the piece).

I created a single player, bongos (hi, lo), Edit Percussion kit, added (+) another bongo for the 3rd line, close. Then created the notation on one bongo line, and after completing a bar or two, used option(alt)-arrow up/down to move vertically as required.

Thanks a lot.
I’m not sure why it wasn’t possible for me to enter the single line of music previously, but it works now.
However, the more complex situation (of two independent lines) is still not working for me. See the attached images (using your fragment). When single notes from the lower line are moved up, they are merged into chords in the upper line. I would like the lines to remain independent.
Screenshot 2022-12-30 at 19.39.24

In the Edit Percussion Kit dialog, you can specify that each instrument in the kit should use its own voice, but I would suggest that you try instead notating this passage with non-overlapping durations.

Yes, I tried that but each voice also takes the tuplet bracket which makes the thing a total mess.
I’m assuming it’s still not possible to have cross staff beaming for anything other than grand staff instruments? That way I would not need to use the percussion kit but assign each instrument its own staff.

You can cross notes between different instruments provided they’re all held by the same player.

Thanks for the information.