Percussion pasting issue

Hi all, I’m getting a strange issue pasting between different custom percussion kits when tuplets are involved.

What I’m trying to do is copy from a percussion kit which has three different instruments to one which has many more. This requires me, after I’ve pasted the content, to use Alt-Down to re-position to the content to the appropriate spot on the new kit, and this is where the problem starts. Without any tuplets, the content I’ve pasted moves up or down by instruments as expected (as if I had entered it on this kit and were moving it with Alt-Down), but if the content I’ve pasted included a tuplet, Alt-Down adds a second voice and does strange things to the rhythm.

Unusually, this only happens with when trying to shift the notes down from their initial pasted position, not up.

I’ve made a little video to demonstrate it.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

There are some limitations in the way that Dorico handles tuplets when moving items on percussion staves that we need to come back to in order to improve. As you might imagine, the complexities of dealing with splitting and merging tuplets across multiple instruments are not insignificant.

Got it. Thanks Daniel! I have to say, with the ease of use that percussion kits provide, it’s really easy to forget they’re actually multiple separate instruments at some level.

As a workaround, you could consider changing Layout Options/Players temporarily to show the percussion kit as individual instruments. Then cut the music and paste at the desired individual kit instruments, then change the Layout Option back again.

Aha! Great, Stefan, thanks! I’m happy doing this for now, as it’s only a few bars that have tuplets out of the ones I’d like to copy and paste.