Percussion Player/Instrument name confusion

I could not get the names I wanted on my score, there are so many places it can be managed. Apart from giving player names on the setup page and changing instrument names by clicking on the players there is also the Layouts with several possibilities for first and other pages plus the possibilities for using player names instead. So it took me a long time to arrive at what I wanted.

But one percussion instrument would not get right even though everything was set just like for the other players, it was blank or showed something I had not written anywhere. When I was checking the Edit Percussion kit for the umpteenth time I had clicked grid and accidently I double-clicked the name on the left and suddenly a new popup occured that I never saw before: Edit Percussion Grid Group Names! There it was!
I’m sure this is described somewhere but I doubt I’m the only one who has not seen it so I hope this can be of help for somebody.

This page from the manual might be helpful in this area:

Also this one:

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