Percussion Player Name

I saw in another post that in order to get Clarinet 1 in Bb rather than Clarinet (B Flat) 1 in my parts, I needed to use the {@staffLabelsFull@} token which works fine until I get to the percussion kits where I end up with a list of every instrument in the kit instead of Percussion 1 (that’s how it’s labeled in the kit editor and I’m showing a 5-line staff). Clicking the “Show player name instead of instrument names” option in the Layout Options for the percussion layouts doesn’t have any effect. If I change my template to use the {@playerNames@} token the percussion layouts work, but then I’m back to Clarinet (B Flat) 1 again. What do I need to do to get both Clarinet 1 in Bb AND just Percussion 1?

I’m using Dorico 4.0.10 on a Mac OS 11.6.4

I create a new Master Page Set for the Part Layouts that have the Instrument Transposition. This set uses the staffLabelsFull token. The Master Page Set can be easily assigned to Layouts via Layout Options. This way different Part Layouts can use the needed token that gives the best result.

Edit: Master Pages are called Page Templates in Dorico 4.

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Thanks, Craig. Just so I’m clear, do you just create a new custom template and assign it to the appropriate pages?

No, I create an additional Page Template Set which is applied to the whole Layout. This set replaces the Default Part set.


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Never mind, I figured out how to create a new Percussion set that uses player names. Thanks for the tip!

Great :+1:

Or you could rename the Clarinet part layout to display whatever you want on the top left of parts, or wherever the {@ layoutname @} token is used? The layout name doesn’t have to be the same as the player name, although they do match by default.

+1 this is what I do

This is how I used to do it in the early days of Dorico as it was the only option. I would copy/paste the flat symbol from a word processor (the {@flat@} token didn’t exist yet). In the long run, it’s OK for a few instruments but gets tedious for a full wind band.

When the staffLabel tokens arrived this improved things considerably. Then when Clef and Transposition Overrides arrived with 3.5, I no longer had to duplicate music for things like Baritone in Bass and Treble Transpositions. But this meant that, for those situations, the {@staffLabelFull@} token wouldn’t work as I wanted to append the Clef in the Intrument Name. I had to go back to {@LayoutName@}. This is when I created the additional Master Page set to use the {@staffLabelFull@} token keeping the default set using {@LayoutName@}. Then in Layout Options, it’s very quick and easy to change the MP set for the Parts that need it. I can select every Layout that needs to be changed and set them all in one go.