Percussion problem multi player


I put 2 percussion voices together, the drums and the woodblocks, but Dorico puts both in grid mode and not on one side the drums on a 5-line staff and on the other the woodblocks on a 2-line staff.
Does anyone have any ideas?perc problem2

What presentation type have you set for the first kit for the layout?

Thank you Lillie,

I just don’t have the 2-line woodblock now
perc 3

Ah yes, sorry I forgot that presentation types are per-player not per-kit. If the two kits are held by separate players you could give them different presentation types, but then you wouldn’t get such easy instrument changes between kits on the same staff.

Maybe this is something to add in the future.
Thanks a lot maestro Lillie.

Hi Lillie,

Look, it works with a 1-line staff but not with a 2-line staff.

The percussion kit presentation type option only applies to percussion kits. Individual percussion instruments, not being kits, are not affected.

it would be something to put in the future version