Percussion question

I’m working on a piece with 6 unpitched percussion instruments, divided up two instruments for each of three players. There are 6 instruments on 3 staves: Hi Hat and Sn drum w/brushes; Wood Block and Vibraslap (Jawbone); and Cabasa and Triangle.

The Perc Screenshot is how I want the final product to appear, because I have 3 percussionists on this project, so I’m giving them each one line to look at.

I set these up as two instruments in the hands of each of three players (Setup Mode screenshot), and I used the standard Allow Instrument Change method of entering notes in Galley View on the appropriate staves and letting Dorico take care of the rest.

However, as has been discussed at length, you can’t copy/paste in unpitched perc parts unless they’re part of a kit, and since there’s a lot of repetition that lends to copy/pasting, I turned them into kits. However. I can’t figure out any way to produce the result I want (again, Perc Screenshot above) from within a kit—I can’t find any way to end up with just one staff line for each player.

Can anyone help?


Unfortunately, until the bug that prevents copying and pasting is fixed, I think you will find that you have to work with the wrong appearance while you’re editing the score (e.g. showing all instruments all the time), and then once the music is finished, de-compose the kits again. At that point you should hopefully automatically get the appearance you want.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused by this bug. We had to change copying and pasting a lot in order to get it to work for unpitched percussion, and it’s difficult to unit test (i.e. test directly in the code) every case that needs to be covered. Fixing this bug is a high priority for us.

Ok, I can do that; just didn’t want to be overlooking anything.

Thanks much.