Percussion setup

I’m struggling to get my head around the setup of percussion parts.

I have one player who plays a range of instruments including snare drum (notated on one line), temple blocks (notated on three lines) and vibraphone (notated on five lines). Generally only one instrument or set of related instruments (eg 3 temple blocks) are played at the same time. How do I set the stave up as part of an ensemble that it changes seamlessly from 1 to 3 to 5 lines to accommodate the instrument changes?

I know this is covered in the help documents but I simply can’t get my head around it.

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Just add a snare drum, a temple block (as a kit with grid representation (check layout options for that) and a vibraphone to the same player. Enter notes in galley view. Everything else will be taken care of. Go for a coffee with friends in the time saved.

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Thanks for that. It solves one of the problems.
However, it still leaves me with a set of staves - one stave per instrument. I would like to “collapse” those into one line which adjusts to the instrument in use at the moment. I’m assuming there is a way to do this?

Sure thing.
First thing to know is that in galley view, these staffs are always separate.
In page view, if the Option „allow instrument changes“ in layout options is activated, it should create the required changes.

Here’s a visual demo that might help:

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Ah ha, now I see. Thanks all for your help!

This a great gif - but just wanted to check you know that you can add instruments to an existing player without adding new players and moving instruments around? Select a solo player and press Shift-I to reopen the instrument picker & add an additional instrument to the player. (You might well already know this of course!)

Well, I usually click the plus button on the player, but I didn’t know you could press Shift+I — thanks for the tip!

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