Percussion slash voices with/without stems created in different voices

I created two slash voices in a drum set (with stem, stemless).
I’m not sure why they are instantiated as belonging to different voices (I keep the “Drum set” toggle checked in the percussion kit).
Am I doing something wrong?
Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 3.47.59 PM.png

You’re not doing anything wrong, but each instrument will always be notated using a different voice. Instead of using two separate slash instruments in the kit, consider using a single slash voice with stem, and then hiding the stems of the notes you want to be stemless using the ‘Hide stem’ property, which appears in Engrave mode only.

OK, thanks.

I have to admit that I don’t use the slashvoice anymore in the drumkit. It is just not convenient to have different voices if you are making a jazz drum part. So I now add an instument on the b line and change the notehead to extra large notehead. So the voices don’t get mixed up and you don’t get unwanted rests. I use like Daniel said the hiding stem if I want to tie an slash to a stemless slash. This in combination with slash region (make other voices visible) and an intrument on the upper g line for kicks over time. So you can combine an written out part with slash region and kicks over time. That’s mostly all you need to make a jazz drum part.

Also if you change a part with slashes to a single voice notation the slashes dissapear and are changed in normal note heads. That is another reason not to use the slashvoice. I like the single voice notation because I think it is more easy to read (very personel) and you don’t have unwanted rests.

Anyhow I have the feeling that for writing a jazz drum part Dorico can improve because the workflow does not feel so easy like almost all other things in Dorico. I am curious if that will happen in the future.

Greetings from a very happy Dorico user,
Maarten Kruijswijk

Thanks Maarten, it sounds like I’m going to go your way as well.