Percussion split divisi and other staff changes

I have a choral score that includes body percussion on its own staff. It’s three instruments combined into a percussion kit.

There’s a repeated section where none of the sung music changes, only the percussion changes, so it feels really silly to write that whole section out again on additional pages rather than just repeat back to that section in the score. But then I need a way to separate the percussion into “1st time” and “2nd time”. This would be clearest on two separate staves.

I tried using divisi, since I know divisi smartly handles the music on either side of the split section based on the system breaks. It is set up as a section player, so it should work. But I think because it’s three separate instruments, Dorico won’t let me add them.

If I display the kit as three separate staves, then I can add divisi to each staff individually. But as soon as I go back to grid layout, the extra staves disappear. Having them separate will take up an unacceptable amount of real estate on the page. I also tried ossia staves and had the same issue, and I also converted it to a single player to try to just add another staff, and still had the same issue.

Is there any way I can add another staff to a grid staff?

I’m trying really hard to do it the Dorico Way rather than reverting to how I would’ve done it in Sibelius (add another player and just hide their staff when not in use, but then have to pay attention to the system breaks to show the music where it needs to be). Is there any way to make it work?

Unfortunately this isn’t natively supported by Dorico’s handling of percussion kits, Ian, so you will need some kind of workaround.

Got it, thanks for the quick info!