Percussion squidged onto one line

Working on someone else’s score (cleanups & layouts), I find that sometimes two percussion instruments which are being played by the same player are condensed onto one line with an instrument change over every note, which looks really ugly. this happens both in the sccore and in the part. Changing the system breaks sometimes solves the problem, but is not always possible.
I can’t use the grid view – too many single instruments.
I’ll try to attach the abridged score – the problem appears on thhe third page, and disaappears on the fourth page.

SquidgedPercussion.dorico (712.6 KB)

If you change the Layout options > Players > Percussion from 5 line staff to single line instruments, the problem goes away. Beware that you might have to hide some staves in the first page afterwards.

Thanks! Unfortunately, the player also has a drum kit and a set of woodblocks in his array – these are then all separated as well, which looks fussy. I don’t understand why the instruments are combined into one line on page 3 and correctly notated in the next system.

You could combine the bass drum and china cymbal into one instrument.
See file.


SquidgedPercussion.dorico (712.7 KB)

Cool, thanks!

You might also (gently) suggest to the composer that the transition from the timpani roll to bass drum/china cymbal at bar 31-32 is likely to be physically impossible?