Percussion staff label vertical spacing

In Dorico 3.5 I was able to adjust the spacing of percussion kit staff labels, as well as the grid spacing:

In Dorico 4, when editing this percussion kit I try to adjust the vertical label spacing for the top instrument (Glass), but the edit doesn’t seem to take; the dialog box “Apply” doesn’t activate, but weird things seem to happen to the spacing. Attached is a short Dorico file. I don’t think I’m doing any differently than I did in 3.5.1, but I could be wrong, or it could be something to do with groups. I imagine this is kind of an edge case, but in case anyone has any ideas, thanks in advance! These two fonts are different, but the vertical results do still seem weird.

perc-label-v4.dorico (961.6 KB)

I find that Dorico 3.5 and Dorico 4 behave the same way in this regard. You’re using the Staff Labels paragraph style rather than Staff Labels (Percussion Grid) one for each of the individual instruments in the grid. I wonder whether clearing the names in the Edit Names dialog for the second, third and fourth instruments and putting the whole multi-line name in the first instrument would be better? Or use a smaller point size for the Staff Labels (Percussion Grid) paragraph style?

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Thanks! Putting the whole multi-line name in the top instrument works - and I didn’t realize I was using the wrong paragraph style.

I still find that in Dorico 4, adjusting the baseline shift in the Edit Instrument Names dialog has no effect, while I was able to adjust it in 3.5. Maybe I’m doing something else wrong - but in any case my score looks a lot better now.