Percussion staff labels not reflecting the Setup bar

I have my staff labels in all caps, but the percussion staves in the score are not in all caps, nor are they numbered. In the Setup column, the percussion players are in all caps and they are numbered. Each of them is playing a percussion kit, if that matters.

Are you set up to display Player Names?

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Yes, it’s set to show player names. There doesn’t seem to be any setting I can find that will make the percussion staves show PERC. 1, PERC. 2, etc. Instead it’s just Perc., Perc., and so on.

Hi @wescottrog I remember from other posts that you changed all the Instrument Definitions to have all caps. Maybe you can check if you edited also the Short names of the instruments [EDIT: and players]. And generally (maybe) some manual intervention on the instrument names can stop Dorico from numbering them correctly.

You can share a short excerpt of your template (Dorico file) that shows the issue.

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