Percussion staff labels

It is very important that my percussion staves are labeled as “Percussion I” and “Percussion II”, NOT by the instruments they are using at the time. How can I change the staff labels for the percussion parts? I want the instrument to only appear above the music, not as a staff label in the score.


If you use 5-line-condensed notation, that should be rather easy to achieve. You are probably using 1-line notation or grid?

I have the same question as @danielrobertvega. I’m using 1 staff line per instrument and have several instruments combined into a kit.
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This is what I’m seeing at the moment.

I wonder whether it’s possible in one-line view. Since 4.1, it’s possible to change to the player’s name in grid view (I just checked the version history), it shouldn’t be too different from what you’re having now.

Here is what @MarcLarcher is referring to. I’m also not sure if it works for your needs.

Unfortunately, I’m still using Dorico 3.5. I plan to upgrade in the near future.
So is it not possible to achive this in 3.5?


The only way would be to have a 5 line staff, and then above each instrument, add a percussion legend.

Under Layout Options, Players, Percussion, select the 5 line staff option. That should get you started in the correct direction.


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You might have to add all of the instruments each player is “holding” into a percussion kit. And change the kit name to Percussion I and Percussion II.


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