Percussion Staff names in Dorico 2

My score uses Perc1, Perc2, Perc3. Each player has multiple instruments. I would like to use brackets to show when one player is playing two instruments at the same time. For example in measure one, Perc 1 is playing Tambourine, Perc2 is playing both Field Drum and Tom Tom, Perc 3 is playing Tam Tam. Each instrument is showing on its own line (fine), but I’d like to use a sub bracket for the Field Drum and Tom Tom so the conductor will know which percussionist has those parts. Any way to do that? Thanks!

As things stand, not really. Have you considered displaying your percussion kits as five line staves in the score? It might be clearer and it’ll certainly take up less space on the page.

Thanks Leo - I’ve done the same thing, combining different instruments on a 5-line staff (in my case, tom toms and bass drum) and it works well.