Percussion staff rest question

Is it possible to force change the rest duration in a percussion staff?

I think I may remember reading something about this but I can’t find it on the Forum.

In the included example I would like the bottom snare / bass drum staff to match the beaming of the staff above in the mallets which are highlighted.

I can force change the rests in any part except percussion. I have tried note options and engraving options with no help. The meter is cut time.

I understand percussion staves are treated differently in Dorico but the easiest way to read this rhythm is like it is notated in the mallet part.

Yes, I can change the rhythmic value of the eighth in the percussion part to make it basically sound the same but that does not solve the engraving issue.

It’s not a life changing issue, just curious as I want to be able to use Dorico correctly if possible. If it’s something not yet implemented it should be.


Unfortunately you cannot currently edit rests on percussion staves, but this is something we are planning to make possible in a future version. I’m sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.


You and your team have accomplished so much in the past few years, yet people like me still ask for more. I quit using Sibelius the day Dorico was released and have not looked back. I know in time your team will make the things we gripe about possible, although some time it feels good to question.
I personally feel that, although great strides have been made, percussion writing is the weakest part of Dorico. How you guys have handled it however is genius. I see how a percussion staff is handled differently in Dorico and it just makes sense, except in this one case. As I said, it’s not a deal breaker to notate differently now to get the desired result when played but reading the percussion part should not be confusing. I am looking forward to great things happening with percussion parts, and the continued steps your team continues to make.


Kevin, here’s a workaround:

You’re not asking for quite the same thing, but the process of creating a notehead set that contains rest glyphs will do what you want.