Percussion Staff Visibility in Parts

Hi, I’m working on the percussion parts of a project. Perc. 1 has a percussion kit and a single instrument, but in the parts I can’t choose which of the individual staves to make visible and which to hide. The only option I get is “Percussion 1”. Is there any way to achieve this in the parts? Or are players compressed into one “staff” and there’s no way to un-compress them in Instrumental Part Layouts?
So far the only way I’ve found to do this is to create a Full Score Layout, and handle it as a Part, but it does seem a little strange there’s no other way around it.

It sounds like instrument changes are allowed in the part, so as long as the two instruments (the kit and the single instrument) don’t have any overlapping material in the same system, they’ll share the same “staff row”.

Aha! I guessed there must be some setting I didn’t suspect of that would be responsible for this. Thanks!

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