Percussion stave for two minimally-used aux percussion instruments

In my score, I have one player who needs to play both triangle and tambourine. They are very occasional and never overlap.

In the first draft of my score, I just input both instruments on a single-line staff and used staff text to denote which to play:

But now that I’m further into the project, I realized (duh) that this isn’t the smartest way, because Dorico doesn’t know how to play this back and switch between the instruments, since they’re not official (since they’re only represented by staff text).

What’s the correct way to set up one stave where the two instruments can coexist like this? (I could, but am not sure I should set up 1 player with 2 instruments, because that’ll mean Dorico may sometimes draw two staves, if they happen to play in close proximity in the same system of music.)

Any better ways to do this?

Dorico deals automatically with instrument changes. It means it will only draw two staves if both instruments play at the same time. So the Dorico way is to give that player two instruments, input the music in galley view and watch the magic happen in page view :wink:

Ah. Makes sense. OK, I’ll separate this one player and create two separate instruments. Thanks!

Hi everyone,

Related to this topic, I would like to ask:

How is it possible for the bass drum (Große Trommel) and the cymbal (Becken) to be in one line? Sometimes only one plays, sometimes both (a2). What is the solution for this?