Percussion stave rests


I’m trying to put a pause over a dotted crochet rest in the percussion part, to go with what’s going on in the part that has the pause…

I can do it in all the parts, except the percussion part. Wonder if this is a bug, or if I’m missing something? Screenshot attached!

All best and many thanks!
Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 12.18.42.png

A pitched staff should behave normally, percussion or otherwise. What have you tried, so far?

I can reproduce the problem, but I can’t seem to find a solution either. As a point of clarification, this affects unpitched percussion, but not pitched.

I’ve tried forcing duration and copying from another correct part, but to no avail. Anyone else try anything besides these?

Is it a kit, then? I assumed it was pitched because it was notated in a 5-line staff. If it is a kit, then I would be less surprised. Hopefully someone from the team will drop by.

Hello - yes, it’s the kit - sorry, should have clarified this. Thanks for having a go though! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone - this thread may be related to what you are discussing:

If so, you will see the solution I came up with.

Unfortunately, Cheryl, you can’t edit the rests on a percussion staff at the moment.

Cheryl, I hate to disagree with Daniel, but you can achieve this using a percussion kit if you select Single-line instruments for the percussion. I explain in more detail in the post I referred you to above. Just enter the rest as a forced duration and add the fermata. But if you need 5-line staff or the grid view, Dorico can’t do this at the moment.

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It’s OK to disagree with me, though in this case we actually agree, as I should have specified more precisely that you cannot edit the rests in the grid or five-line staff presentation types for percussion kits.

All good! I hope you enjoyed NAMM. Welcome back Daniel!

I am reviving this thread as I am in need of this at the moment…

I am trying to force a rest duration in a percussion part that is part of a percussion kit (just a snare drum using a 5 line staff). I cannot get it to force the duration of a rest. I can have it force the duration of a note, but not a rest. Reading above, I see that this is a known issue. Is there perhaps a work around to the 5-line staff? I cannot use a 1 line staff for this project.

Also, is this something that might be tackled in the next update? Or will it be a while longer down the road? I am beginning to work on a comprehensive text that will be a major undertaking. If this is something that might appear in the next update, I can plan to keep working on this project, by skipping ahead to other parts and revisiting this issue when the update arrives. If it is something a little further down the road, I can postpone this project and work on other projects that requiring attention as well.


You can’t edit rests on percussion staves using either the grid or five-line staff presentation types at all, and it’s not likely to change in the next update.

Thanks Daniel! I’ll put the project on hold, and come back to it at a later date.


I’ll add my voice to the chorus wanting the ability to edit rests on percussion staves using a five-line staff. I really want Dorico to be more flexible than it actually is at the moment.

Hi. Any news on when we’ll be able to force the duration of rests on a drum kit staff?

AFAIK Not yet.

+1 for forced-duration rests in percussion.

Here is the percussion section of an orchestra score with the whole orchestra in all dotted 8th notes and rests except the un-pitched percussion.

Another way I could solve this is by using hidden meter of 18/16 and display 9/8, but I don’t find a way to do this.

any update on this issue? I’m combining multiple percussion instruments into multiple 5-line percussion kit staves (per player) and was disappointed to see that they don’t transfer dynamics or beaming information that has been engraved (which can be copied or re-applied) - but am literally terrified that in the percussion kit staves, not only do my forced duration rests not transfer - but I cannot edit the rests at all. I’ve been loving my Dorico experience so far - but it is SO frustrating to come across things like this. :frowning:
(meter is 2/2 - displaying unordered percussion instruments, and the single line kit I’m moving
them too)

See Hiding drum set rests - #2 by dspreadbury for instance.

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thanks Leo! - you’re putting out fires all over the place :slight_smile:
is there a work around? I can’t have those double dotted rests in the percussion kit staff.