Percussion stave rests

You can’t edit rests on percussion staves using either the grid or five-line staff presentation types at all, and it’s not likely to change in the next update.

Thanks Daniel! I’ll put the project on hold, and come back to it at a later date.


I’ll add my voice to the chorus wanting the ability to edit rests on percussion staves using a five-line staff. I really want Dorico to be more flexible than it actually is at the moment.

Hi. Any news on when we’ll be able to force the duration of rests on a drum kit staff?

AFAIK Not yet.

+1 for forced-duration rests in percussion.

Here is the percussion section of an orchestra score with the whole orchestra in all dotted 8th notes and rests except the un-pitched percussion.

Another way I could solve this is by using hidden meter of 18/16 and display 9/8, but I don’t find a way to do this.

any update on this issue? I’m combining multiple percussion instruments into multiple 5-line percussion kit staves (per player) and was disappointed to see that they don’t transfer dynamics or beaming information that has been engraved (which can be copied or re-applied) - but am literally terrified that in the percussion kit staves, not only do my forced duration rests not transfer - but I cannot edit the rests at all. I’ve been loving my Dorico experience so far - but it is SO frustrating to come across things like this. :frowning:
(meter is 2/2 - displaying unordered percussion instruments, and the single line kit I’m moving
them too)

See Hiding drum set rests - #2 by dspreadbury for instance.

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thanks Leo! - you’re putting out fires all over the place :slight_smile:
is there a work around? I can’t have those double dotted rests in the percussion kit staff.

See Percussion Beaming Problem - #2 by pianoleo

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many thanks Leo. this did work - but, yuck.

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Just wanted to add my vote on this topic – hope the Dorico team improves on percussion notation editing in the next release. I’ve run into the same problem as Derek: working on an orchestral project, combining multiple percussion instruments into a kit and displayed on a 5-line staff. The resulting rest notation is not optimal, and it’s frustrating to not have a way to edit it. The “dirty hands” approach was interesting, but seems like a drastic workaround for a basic notation issue.

All that being said, I do want to applaud the Dorico team for everything they have done so far – it’s an impressive tool to work with. Also, the forum is an invaluable resource, thanks to all who have posted and replied.

The fix for this is already live in Dorico for iPad, so the chances are it’ll come to desktop Dorico whenever Dorico 4 is released.

That’s great to hear – thanks for the info. Speaking of that: if I edit the score in Dorico for iPad, would the percussion notation fix translate back over to Dorico 3.5 Mac? (I’m assuming this wouldn’t work, but just curious…)

I can’t say I’ve tried, and I don’t have my iPad to hand - sorry!

No, I’m afraid not, and indeed you might actually find that you end up with more rests than you want to see in Dorico 3.5 after editing the rests in Dorico 4 or Dorico for iPad.

Speaking of which - using kits notationally for an orchestra - any thoughts on that? The intention is for drum kits obviously but they’re awfully useful. Bad idea to do an orchestral version? The orchestral templates are all non kit I believe.

It’s common to write for multiple percussion instruments on a five-line staff in orchestral scores, certainly. You should have no particular problems doing that: each instrument in a kit can be mapped to a different endpoint for playback purposes if required.

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Sorry I wasn’t being clear. I guess what I’m wondering is, for example, Paul’s BBCSO template has the percussion as an individual player with different instruments, which is fine and clear but makes for a big score in Galley.

To make it more compact I converted it to a Kit, which now is showing a grid view

Either is fine? I guess going with a kit then I can run into trouble with too many rests appearing on non playing instruments … at least I’ve seen that when working with Drum Sets

When you use a grid, you will get the same kinds of rests as you would when showing the kit as a five-line staff, i.e. one set of rests for each up-stem and down-stem voice used by the instruments on the kit. By default it may well be that all of the instruments in the kit are assigned to the same voice (for anything other than a standard drum set/kit) so you will only get a single rest across the whole grid.

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