Percussion Staves no longer show instrument/technique name on selection?

I seem to recall that previous versions of dorico showed an instrument/technique label for the selected note in a 5 line percussion staff. This is especially useful for using VDL when i’m not sure if the notation lines up with stickings - there are separate playing techniques for right hand and left hand if I’m using the manual instrument samples. I can’t seem to find any setting that would affect this in preferences, view options in the toolbar, or percussion settings in layout/notation optsion

Here is what it looks like with the caret activated:

Here’s what it looks like when the note is selected outside of note entry (it used to show the instrument + technique, or in this case “Tom. 4”

I have noticed this new behavior as well.


Yes, you’re right. I’m not sure when this stopped working, but we’ll investigate forthwith.