Percussion staves should show "Note:"

Typical staff shows Note: in the lower bar.

Percussion staff does not show Note: and so it makes it more difficult to modify note hits to a known-note in the VST. Percussion staff should show the MIDI note like pitched staff does.

Pitched instrument:

Percussion instrument: (no MIDI note info is shown in the lower status bar; although, the instrument-name, not the MIDI note, is shown above the staff, when the note is selected)

Percussion does not map to MIDI

sure it does, and Dorico knows about it.

This is a good idea, and I’ve made a note of it for future implementation. Thanks for the suggestion.


I might be wrong, but it looks like implementing that would kind of cover the gap there is when trying to import or input with the MIDI keyboard some kinds of percussion hits (for instance, snare rolls, as I explained in that thread). So I’me very interested in that too!