Percussion Stems

I have a small issue… I believe I have everything setup appropriately.

I am trying to write for a single snare drum on a 5 line staff.

I have the kit editor open, and select stems up. When I add music, it’s always stems down. What am I missing?


OK, problem solved-ish…

If I select “Drum set” in the upper right corner of the percussion kit editor, the stems go up.

Shouldn’t the stems go up without that being selected?


What does the “Drum set” checkbox do, if I’m allowed to ask…?

The ‘Drum set’ checkbox tells Dorico whether or not the options for drum sets on the Percussion page of Notation Options for voicing etc. should apply to this percussion kit.

That part makes sense, when it comes to working with an actual drum set.

But in a case where I have just a single instrument, or perhaps two (say snare drum and bass drum). Shouldn’t the stem directions apply even if ‘Drum Set’ is not checked? Or would ‘Drum Set’ always need to be selected to apply the stem directions?


When the ‘Drum set’ option is not set, stems will just follow the natural rules for stem direction, so if you put a note on a line or space above the middle line of the staff, the stem will point downwards.

OK, that makes sense.

Thanks for everything you have done!