Percussion Sticking visibility issue

I know that for the time being we have to use the lyric tool to create percussion stickings, until such a time when a percussion sticking tool is available. So until that time comes, can I ask for one thing…

When using the Lyric tool, can we have the popover appear a little higher above the staff, so we can see the rhythm (and rhythmic position) where we are typing in the stickings? Currently the lyric tool, covers up the rhythms, and it is becoming a much slower process, to have to click out of the lyric popover, and re enter the popover.


Is this Page View or Galley View? I’ve not seen the popover this low before, so I’m wondering why you’re experiencing this…

Page view…

And I think it has to do with percussion by default being on a 1 line staff. And even in the 5 line staff, it still behaves as a 1 line staff. So if music is up on the staff, it gets covered by the popover.

So far, the tests I have done, is that percussion staves inherently seem to do this.