Percussion symbols

Hi, I would like to rewrite a file created in Finale. Does somebody knows, where I could find such percussion symbols? I guess I could then copy and paste them using Shift+X. I was expecting SMuFl will be a place, but couldn’t find them there. Thank you

Try for starters. There are various pictograms sections on the SMUFL website - you might need to sift through them carefully.

Alternatively, just update to Dorico 2.2 on Windows and forget to reboot. You should find that all of your text and notation then automatically becomes pictograms and other assorted beasties. For bonus points and extra Christmas presents, start a new thread on the subject here, and cross-post it to the Facebook group :wink:


Mipi, once you’ve found the pictograms, you should try out the new playing techniques editor, which is well documented in the version history document. Where do they come from in Finale? A font? If so, you should be able to use them in Dorico.

We shouldn’t mock the competition, but I just love the way Finale makes the tremolos collide with the flag on the first note of bar 165 in your attachment :wink:

Hi pianoleo, thank you very much for a link. I was searching for “percussion” and didn’t came across an idea to write just “drums”. I found there some I need, but I still miss some common like like Vibraphone or Triangle. Rob Tuley, thank you for your answer as well. I do not work with Finale, thats why I do not know where these pictograms are from, but as you suggested, I have to try to create them my self in playing techniques editor😊

If you want to use the equivalent symbols in the Bravura font, this is what the Finale ones mean:

mipi, there is definitely a triangle pictogram - you just need to be looking in the right range!

Sift through that page for “pictogram”

Dear pianoleo, and you are right. Hier it ist:
I just wonder what does a search filed on this website. It is really a joke😊
Thank you Rob, good to know there is such website:)

Tremolos have been the bane of Finale users’ existence for years. The new Finale 26 offered very, very little, but finally fixing tremolos was one of the incredible, ground-breaking features they announced.

I get to hate on Finale the way other users hate on Sibelius. Now someone just needs to make a video like that Irish guy did.