percussion text notation bug

Hi there,

I’ve discovered a bug regarding the text function with percussion staves. These are the steps that I took:

  1. Created a one-line percussion kit
  2. Created text, let’s say “text step 2”
  3. Overwrote the text, let’s say “text step 3”
  4. Overwrote the text, let’s say “text step 4”

After step 2, “text step 2” is fine. However, after step 3, “text step 2” displays. When I go back to edit it, text displayed to edit reverts to “text step 3”. After actually overwriting in step 4, exiting edit changes text displayed to “text step 3”. Going back to edit it, text displayed to edit reverts to “text step 4”. etc. etc.

This has shown to happen in both notehead-linked text and rest-linked text in the stave.

This corrects itself if the position is changed from “below” to “above” or vice versa after final edit is made.

This does not happen in text in regular staves.

Let me know if you have issues replicating, i’ll see if i can get you more datapoints and/or i can recreate it in video and share with you. Current version of Dorico, MacOS High Sierra.


also, not related to the above bug, but something i just discovered is that the “remove rests” menu item does not seem to work for my created percussion staff.

To answer your queries in reverse order: I’m afraid you can’t use Remove Rests on percussion kits at the moment. Hopefully in the future!

I’m unable to reproduce the problem you describe in your first post, though: have you updated to Dorico 1.2.10? This problem rings a bell, but I think we fixed it in the recent update.

update has resolved it.