percussion. tuplets and rhythmic grid

Hi, I need to write some rhythm for drumset which contains 4:6 tuplets. I was expecting Dorico will recognize this tuplet for each single voice automatically. Switching to a “single-line instruments” view and creating the same kind of tuplets for each single voice and beat is a quite time consuming task. Here is an example what I am going to achieve. Thank you for your help.

2018-08-28 00.17.44.gif

Two ideas:

  1. Write a macro and assign it to a key command, like Alt-4. What’s your OS? I wrote one for AHK (Windows) and it was quite simple (and I’m no programmer). Something like this:
  • send {;}
  • send {4:6}
  • send {Enter}
  1. Copy and paste the tuplet, and Lock Durations (with “O”), which preserves all rhythms, and you just re-enter notes as desired.

Dear dankreider, thank you very much for your answer. How do I write macros in Dorico? I am not so familiar with that. Would you be so kind to describe one example step by step? :blush: I am on a latest macOS. Thank you:)

Any way I am trying to ask slightly different thing: while entering notes in “5 lines” mode, when I create a tuplet in one single voice (in my example it was a bass drum), I thought, Dorico will allow me to enter next notes in THIS tuplet for OTHER (snare oder hi-hat) instrument just using arrows, WITHOUT switching to a “Grid” or “Single line instruments” view and reentering tuplets for each single voice. But it was not a case…Just try to write this figure in “5 lines” view and you will understand what I mean.

Dorico will create tuplets for all kit instruments that share the same voicing. If the tuplets for all instruments at a position are identical, only one will be drawn. We could have changed the behaviour to always create tuplets for all voices/instruments on the kit, but then it would have been extremely tedious to write a different tuplet structure for individual kit instruments.

So it depends really on how your drum kit is set up. You will have to create a new tuplet once for each instrument with the same voicing only (eg all with downstem voice 1). Alternatively you could edit your drum kit to have the same voicing while editing, then change it back at the end.
If you want to see what’s going on, I’d recommend opening a split view, show a different layout on the other side (for example the Drum Kit layout), and change the layout options for that to show kit instruments as single lines. Then keep editing on the original layout (with 5 line stave or grid view), and see what happens behind the scenes. If you edit in single instrument view, the tuplet will only be created for the single line instrument you are currently editing.

Thank you Stefan for your answer😊 Working with imported MIDI file takes in this case a lots of time comparing to the “other” program, but I understand - the moon has two sides…In order not to mess everything up, Dorico have to keep this conception exactly the same in every view…