Percussion won't copy and paste


Just upgraded to 1.2 (which is splendid). However, in the percussion part that I set up, for some reason I’m not able to copy / paste any notes within the system, whether by using Command+C/V or by selecting the notes and option-clicking the target measure. Naturally in repetitive percussion parts this is a functionality that I’d hope to be able to use a lot. Is this a glitch, or something I’m doing wrong?

I’m on a MacBook with OSX 10.12.6. (For what it’s worth, a friend running 1.2 on Windows demonstrated that it was working just fine for him. Insert Mac/PC snark here.)


I also know situations, when notes can’t be selected or copied. In my case a workaround helps in switching to another mode, i.e. setup-mode, and back to write-mode, then everything behaves normal again.

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Dear Bobmusic,

I think this bug has been resolved in the last update, or am I mistaken ?

Just updated to 1.2 and it is happening here as well. I’m not able to copy/paste notes, dynamics, etc. on percussion parts.

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I didnd’t know that, still reading version history 1.2.

Well, I have not found anything about it in the history file, but Daniel made it quite clear in the forum that they finally got rid of that bug, and indeed the playback line follows perfectly now (I think the cause was the same).

Hi. Marc.
After reading your answer twice, I’m still trying to find out how your answer about the playback line belongs to the original question about copying/pasting in percussion parts.
Was there some connection between those two things in earlier versions?

Hi Estigy. My answer was related to Bob’s post, in which he explained that selections were quite difficult at times in Dorico prior 1.2, because of a refresh screen bug which could be taken care of by switching from write mode to engrave mode and back to write mode. I agree it is not related to the original question, sorry for that digression.

Aaaaah - I remember this topic somewhere else in this forum. Thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:

I think the problem you’re experiencing, SimeonSalos, is that you can’t currently copy and paste on unpitched percussion that is not part of a kit. Even if you have just a single-line percussion staff, if you put it into a kit (and then set it to show as ‘Individual instruments’ on the Players page of Layout Options) you should find that you can copy and paste OK after that. This is something we plan to fix at our earliest opportunity.

Daniel— Thanks! It was indeed a single-line percussion part, and setting it to a kit enabled copying and pasting.

I tried this too, and the notes/rests would copy and paste, but not dynamics. Am I missing something?


I don’t think you’re missing anything at the moment, Lew. There are some limitations with copy and paste involving percussion that we are working to address.

Ok, thanks as always, Daniel.