Percussionist playing cymbals - display name of single cymbals

Hi there! I’m writing a piece for small ensemble. A percussionist is assigned to play three cymbals, and I would like to include the indication of which cymbal is which line (I’m using the grid presentation type), but I find the indication redundant if repeated in every system, I think it clutters less if it’s only displayed in the first system.
Currently Dorico gives me the option to show the Player name instead of the Instrument name in every system, only in the first, or not at all. What I need is to have it in every system except for the first. Is there a way to achieve this?

Hi @Krili

you can put the names of the three cymbals in a text editor with line breaks, on three different lines (1),
and copy and paste this in the Player name full, and edit the short name of the player as Cymb. (2)

You may want to rename the Layout into Cymbals (if this layout only contains that player with those instruments). Or, if you want to maintain the player name with the vertical order you need to enlarge the height of the text frame that contains the Layout name, in the First (part) page template

Then choose to show full name on first system and abbreviated names in subsequent. Set the option to show the player name instead of the instrument names, for all systems.(3)

And if you need sometimes to show the Full staff label during the piece, you can choose the property of system breaks to show the staff labels Full. (4)

And you may want to reduce the Staff label/Size in parts in the Paragraph Styles, for a better vertical alignment (5)

this below was my previous suggestions, but I misinterpreted your desires...

In Layout Options/Staves and systems/Staff Labels you can set the option to Full name the first system, and None for the subsequent systems (1).
If for some reason you need sometimes to have the staff labels during the piece, these is a property of System breaks in the property panel in Engrave mode, where you can decide, for a particular break, to show the staff labels with Full or Abbreviated names (2)

And to set the name of layout and player you can rename the kit (3)